Day 1 – breath awareness meditation

I roll out of bed with plenty of time and eagerness. It is 5am and I dont start work until 6.30. (My last shift at the airport cafe where I have been working on and off for about a year.) This is a sleep in compared to the usual 4.30am start.

I take my little green meditation cushion to sit on. Since I’m not preluding my meditation with a yoga practise I thought I would make it easier for my body. When the hips are slightly higher than the knees, the pelvis tilts forward, making it easier to align the spine straight. Consciously I align my head over my heart and my heart over my pelvis and rest my open palms on my knees. I close my eyes and bring my attention to my breath. After about ten breaths I realise I can’t stop the chatter. In fact it is actually getting louder. I can’t stop thinking about meditating. I’m even writing this blog in my head. Before I know it I am considering breakfast and I realise that I have completely lost track of my breath. I stop and ask my higher self for guidance.


My breath starts making a soothing shhhh sound on the exhale. The gentle ujjayi exhale, a tangible reminder of my breath slows down the exhale which automatically slows down my heart rate. My thoughts begin to dissolve and I find myself feeling light, my spine lengthens naturally and I find that same alignment of pelvis, heart and head.

By the time I open my eyes 15 minutes have passed easily in a state of purity. I do a simple neck stretch and chant a single Om. This is a good start to 2012.

This year already feels different.

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