Day 2 – inner sun meditation

I don’t have to work today so I wake up at 8am, but I am going to yoga at 10am and then seeing some friends before I drive down to my brother’s house on the south coast so I know my day is going to be busy. My nose feels stuffy so I decide to do

a Jala Neti cleanse. The Jala Neti is a practise used to clear the nasal cavity using warm salty water, which dissolves any dirt or mucus that may have built up, and also to drain the sinuses with the vacuum pressure flow of water. When suffering from congestion or excessive mucus, such as during a flu, the Jala Neti provides instant relief. The Neti Pot (available to purchase online is filled with warm salty water (please use natural sea salt, as the common table salt variety may have added preservatives), and then with the head tilted forward and to the side, the water is sent up one nostril so that it may exit the other nostril. You have to keep breathing through the mouth slowly and steadily.

After the Jala Neti, it definitely feels easier to breathe so I find my meditation cushion and sit down. I open the shades as wide as possible to let in the beautiful sunshine of this clear morning. I will be using a visualisation meditation technique today.

The light of our awareness can begin to shine on our soul. – Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat

As I close my eyes, I bring my attention to the birds singing outside my windows. I notice the sound of wind moving through trees and a car engine as well as voices in the street. After noticing all the sounds outside, without attaching any thoughts to those sounds, I bring my attention to the inside of my house. My mother is boiling a kettle, I can hear her cough, a door close. Again, I don’t attach anything to these sounds but simply notice that they are there. My attention then comes to my body. I am in easy pose, a simple cross legged position, my hands are together in my lap, palms up and the left hand on top. My breath is slow and steady and when the thoughts start to chatter almost as loudly as the birds, I whisper a gentle “shhh” sound with the exhale.

When I feel centred and calm, I begin the visualisation. I see a bright ball of fire and light growing in my abdomen, just behind my belly button in the solar plexus. This is the Manipura chakra centre, the seat of personal power and self-confidence. Its colour is yellow so I begin imagining a yellow sun with flickering bright flames. As the ball of light grows larger, I see its pure white light expanding into the rest of my body. Down my legs, into each toe, up the spine, out each fingertip and shining into my head. I imagine that if I open my eyes I would shine bright light out of them, but I keep them closed. I see the light shine out of my body now and expand into the room. It doesn’t behave like normal light but rather slides, curls and dances as it spreads through the house, out into the street, across the land and over sea, around the whole world and then out into the universe. I imagine it passing across other worlds, through our own sun and out into the edges of darkness. Maintaining this shining light feels as though it would take a lot of energy, so I slowly bring it back in. Back from the depths of the universe, down to our earth, back across ocean and land, through the street, my house and eventually back to where I still sit. I visualise the light shining from my centre, glowing brightly and shining a protective shield of white light about thirty centimetres around my body. I sit in its warmth, basking in the gentle glow.

When I am ready, I slowly move my fingers and toes, chant a single Om and do some neck stretches. I stretch my hands into the air and do a simple twist to re-align my spine and wake up the digestive organs.

When I open my eyes, I am sure the sun is a little bit brighter.

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