Day 7 – third eye meditation

I begin the morning feeling a little sick so before I meditate I take a few extra minutes getting ready. I wash my face, my hands and brush my teeth very slowly until my stomach settles. I have downloaded a free ebook from iBooks called Meditation: The Essence by David Tuffley. I read through the instructions of the first meditation which seem basic enough and I sit down to mediate.

I close my eyes and focus my awareness on the space behind my forehead. The home of the third eye and the Highest Self (who we call Atman in yoga) that lies at the centre of our being. As I focus all my attention on this space I can hear a flow of internal chatter but it feels muffled, like I can’t quite hear it properly. I keep my attention on this space. Tuffley says, “You know that this place is the centre of your inner universe, your most sacred place and the very heart of who you are.” He also suggests timing yourself by counting backwards from fifty, one count on each exhale. I keep my awareness on the Anja chakra as I breath slow and deep diaphragmatic breaths. Somewhere between thirty and fifteen I realise that I have been unaware of my own counting and meditating in purity for at least fifteen seconds.

When I slowly come out of my meditation I look at the clock hit just on fifteen minutes. At this stage, the first couple of weeks, I am very content with ten to fifteen minutes of meditation a day. It is realistic and very do-able. Had I set myself the task of meditating for half an hour or an hour straight away, I may have been intimidated out of doing it. Starting slow means I can ease myself into the longer sessions.


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