Day 19 – growing roots meditation

This afternoon we will be flying to Kuala Lumpur for two days and then Bangkok for a night and then finally Los Angeles, from where we will be driving/camping down to Baja California, Mexico. Since I am about to spend the next week or so on planes, I have decided to explore different methods of grounding meditations. Yesterday, I used the spiky grass technique of being aware of the parts of the body that are connected to the ground. Today I decide to meditate before we travel so I sit down on a folded yoga mat with my feet planted on the soft grass. This meditation can be done standing or sitting, as long as the spine is straight, breathing is easy and the feet and flat on the earth. I am also using a Meditation Balm that contains essential oils including Sweet Almond Oil, Orange, Lavender, Tolu Balsam, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Clove oil and Ban oil. I place a small amount of this balm on my temples, third eye and lips, so that I can smell it. The great thing about using fragrances, incenses and oils is that the sensory response will eventually lead to automatic meditation as the olfactory receptors in the nose send neurological responses to the limbic system, where memories are formed. The brain will learn to associate the smell with a deep state of meditation and soon facilitate a faster meditative response when the smell is perceived. (

Closing my eyes, I am aware of the sounds of Bali; motorbikes, horns beeping, a really boisterous rooster and the occasional dog barking. I bring my attention to the space I am in; the sound of rain drops on the grass, a splash from the pool… Then I listen to my own breath. I visualise tree roots growing out of the soles of my feet and slowly making their way into the soft earth. They stretch and grow, curling deeper into the ground until I feel as thought my feet are literally planted into the earth. I focus on these growing roots for a good 5-10 minutes, I am guessing before I move on. Then I imagine a bright white light travelling up from the earth, through the roots and into my feet, up my legs, my body and torso and all the way into the crown of my head, where the energy turns and travels back down again and deep into the ground. I start to synthesise the visualisation with my breath so that the inhale sees the energy flow up the roots to the crown of my head and the exhale sees the energy flow back down and into the ground. Eventually I am aware of the ants and flies that are crawling across my legs, shoulders and one that is casually strolling across my closed eyelid. I imagine this must be what it is like to be a tree, so connected to the earth that every creature feels entirely at ease walking across you.

After twenty minutes, I stand up and my insect friends fly and crawl away. I stand still, enjoying a few more breaths of feeling planted to the earth before closing the meditation with a silent om.

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