Day 22 – seed meditation

Finally we have arrived in Los Angeles and I know my blog post is a day late but here I am in yesterday anyway so it works out. I am looking forward to today’s meditation but jet lag is promising to put me into a mild coma if I dare close my eyes so I am waiting for an opportune moment to stand up outside with my eyes open… Some kind of special jet lag meditation…

As for yesterday… Boarding the Bangkok flight to LA we are given the unpleasant surprise 2 hour layover in Tokyo that was never before mentioned on any itinerary. Then told we have to pay another $150 for surfboards. All I could do was shrug. This is travel, I think as I burn the roof of my mouth on a hot chocolate.

Boarding the flight at 5.30am, I wonder if I should bother with a meditation while we are still on the ground but decide the hustle and bustle of the airport probably won’t be very helpful. I wait until we are well and truly flying and finally get my headphones on with some earthy drumming and close my eyes.

I start to visualise my toes moving around in rich soft mud when the visualisation gets deeper. I see the earth rise around me. It’s almost as though I am being buried alive, but in a pleasant way. I have no fear or concern, but feel comforted as the earth slowly builds up around me like a cocoon. I see myself planted in the earth, like a seed, ready to germinate with the promise of new life. It is dark, warm and quiet. If you get claustrophobic then it may be a good idea to keep the head above ground in this visualisation. I’ve heard that in native shamanic cultures, a snake bite victim will be buried in the ground up to the neck and left there overnight so that the earth can draw out the poison and heal the body.

Feeling warm and safe and connected to the earth, even though I am flying above it is a beautiful feeling. I sit for about 20 minutes before eventually opening my eyes to my airplane meal and find real pleasure enjoying my fruit with reverence and a sense of sacredness. I find myself mindful of the land and the tree the fruit came from, the earth it grew out of.

I don’t get frazzled or flighty on this leg of the journey at all. When I try it again at the end of the flight I just fall asleep. Sleep wins again…

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