Day 23 – tadasana meditation

Jet Lag- medical term, desynchronosis, refers to the circadian rhythm sleep disorder in which a person travels across multiple time zones. The estimated time it takes to get over jet lag is one day per time zone crossed… So we should feel better in about twelve days? That can’t be right. Especially since I travel with a range of “potions” to make flying as comfortable as possible, including lavender hand moisturiser (my hands get super dry), Jurlique rose facial spray (refreshes and tones), Badger ‘chai rose’ lip balm (Ayurvedically, I am a Vata, so always dry and cold…), Origins “Peace of Mind” cream (minty, just a dab on the temples, ears and back of the neck is instant calm), Bach Rescue Remedy (in case of anxiety), moisturising preservative-free eye drops (typical Vata dry eyes) and liquid Oxygen drops (refreshes, purifies water, re-hydrates and helps with jet lag, fatigue and hangovers). That’s me- getting out my little plastic zip-lock bag and lining up the assortment of bottles and balms, all under 100mL, on my tray table and giving myself a little mid flight treatment every couple of hours.

No amount of liquid oxygen can replace sleep. At 3pm I am in bed and I can’t move, I can’t keep my eyes open and I know there is a danger I am about to sleep until tomorrow without meditating. I can’t do anything except let go and trust that my higher self knows what is best for me. At 6pm I can’t sleep any longer, so I gratefully get up and roll out my yoga mat. Honestly I believe yoga can fix anything and after sitting up rigidly for the past thirty or so hours, I need to move my body. I light the scented candle in our friend’s bachelor pad, grateful that it is red- the colour of the muladhara chakra. I flow through a gentle practice for about an hour, using certain poses to find moments of meditation. Standing in warrior pose, I inhale and draw my arms back in to prayer and then exhale as my arms extend. Integrating moments of meditation into the asana makes the entire practice more meditative and is a useful way to prepare for stillness. After a relaxing Savasana I feel ready to meditate without sleeping. I decide to stand anyway and use a grounding meditation to come back down to Earth. After an emotional argument mid-flight, I need to stand in my own power and feel my inner strength. After all, I am right.

I find Tadasana, the Mountain Pose. Feet hip width apart, four corners of each foot pressing into the ground, roots running deep into the Earth, my knees soft, hips level, spine long, chin level to the ground and the crown of the head extending up high, feeling like a channel of energy is flowing through from the top of my head to the ground. I am a mountain. Strong. Solid. Constant. Our friend comes home and creeps past me, quietly apologising for catching me “mid-med” and I smile and whisper it is fine, though my focus does not shift. Perhaps when you are so incredibly exhausted and jet lagged it is easier to be without thought. The argument playing on my mind comes back into my attention and I feel a hand grip around my heart in anxiety. I take a deep breath and with the exhale imagine that issue slipping out through my fingertips like drops of dirty water, falling to the ground, getting absorbed back into the Earth.

After 17 minutes, I reach my frozen hands up for a final stretch. All I can think about is a hot cup of tea. It is winter in America at the moment. I am looking forward to hitting some Mexican summer but for now, my hair at least is appreciating the dry cold. Jet lag may be weighing me down but I feel strong and light after this mountain meditation. In particular, the argument that was still causing so much commotion in my mind seems so small now. It doesn’t matter who was right. There is no right or wrong. It is all a matter of perception. It is easy enough to justify your own actions and the more you assert your reasons, the more self-righteous you can become but it doesn’t make it any easier. It won’t convince the other person to see your point of view because they will be doing the same. Sometimes perhaps the answer is to let it go, allow the emotions to settle and then just talk in simple terms. Because going over the problem and who was the cause of it doesn’t help find a solution. At the end of the day it is all about love and respect. If every action comes from selfless love then everything will just flow.

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