Day 27 – desert ocean meditation

We are at the top of a hill looking down at a wave that I’m not allowed to write about due to surfers’ censorship. I am wondering around the cliff top looking at pieces of quartz when I get this feeling in my gut. I have to sit down on a rock and meditate.
So I do.

I look at the ocean and stare at the calm blue water. From up this high I can’t see the breaking waves. I’m sitting in the desert staring at beautiful ocean. My mind clears up and becomes as bare as the desert as I focus on the constant movement of the water. The wind blows gently and the sun is warming my skin but not burning it.

I sit for only 15 minutes at the most because I can feel the boys waiting. They have collected firewood and are standing around, grunting impatiently. As we come back down to camp, I start to place a pile of rocks in a circle for the fire while the boys stack up the dry trees. I become entranced with making this fire circle as the car radio plays some earthy African music and I still feel like I’m meditating. I remember one of my teachers, Twee, saying, “make every moment sacred.”
This moment feels sacred. After I meditate, every moment feels sacred.
I keep staring at the desert. It seems to hold some kind of magic. Well, nature holds magic in it. This week of camping will be an exploration of outdoors style meditations, focusing on the beauty of nature.

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