Day 29 – star meditation

Sitting on a bus ride, I am aware of the 15 hours of travelling journey ahead of us. This is longer than the plane ride but for some reason, less exhausting. It is also easier to sleep. I am tired but not sleepy and looking around me for some kind of anchor into the present moment when my eye catches the moon. It has been bright the past few nights, even though it is in an early waxing crescent stage. I also notice Venus who has been shining brightly for the past few days. I don’t have my glasses on, so I probably see less than half of the visible stars. I am short sighted and even the stars that I can see are blurry, but that makes them all the more special. Like they shine extra bright just so those of us who are vision impaired can actually see them. The bus winds around mountains and bumps along the desert road to Cabo, in the south of Baja California. I feel my body hurled against the wall, my head knocks against the window and I just let go and allow myself to be rocked by the movement. I feel as though I am in space.

For some reason I know that it is cold in space but if there are no particles, then how does anything hold a temperature? And if there is no atmosphere then how come the sun isn’t making space just a giant sauna? I love thinking about space, supernovas, black holes,worm holes, hyper-speed, time/space continuum, or just whether there is some other being really far away looking at the same star I am looking at and wondering if I am here? But to just sit and look at the stars and allow my mind some respite. There is no need to think. There is no need to wonder. Just be in the space. Be here, where I am. Because regardless of how much oxygen separates us from the big black nothingness, we are still just people standing on a planet, hurtling through space, around a distant and enormous sun that dictates our entire lives.

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  1. Jessie's John
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 11:01:17

    I was amazed to find out that it was actually HOT on the moon due to the sun’s radiation, that’s why the astronauts had silver reflective gear on. Always assumed it was cold. Likewise it is hot in space until you travel out towards mars where the planets with no atmosphere are also too cold to support life… Travelling inwards towards the sun it’s too hot…like you always assumed the black nothingness would be cold. Same for other solar systems


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