Day 30 – centre yourself meditation

We get off the bus at Todos Santos. It is early. It is cold. The bus driver offers to drive us further down to Pescadero, where all the surfers go. So we put our luggage back in and climb aboard again. About 10km out of town, he shows us a dirt road that goes straight down to the beach. Only a 400m walk, we should be able to find a hotel down at Los Cerritos.

Cut to an hour later. My partner is literally growling. Like an animal. And I am laughing. Can’t he see the funny side of this? We are dragging our luggage around in the dirt, none of the hotels have a vacancy and the only one that does is up a hill and through some impassable cactus fields that we can’t seem to get around. There are three puppies staring at us despondently, (the typical male is promising me they are about to attack). Ultimately, the only one about to attack is the animal walking beside me, cursing everything around him. Finally, his bad mood infects me and I start yelling right back. We are standing in the middle of a dirt road, kilometres from a bus station, no taxis, surrounded by nothing but cactus and every hotel seems equidistant and further away than ever. I finally walk back to the first hotel and find someone to drive us back to the bus stop where we head for Cabo San Lucas.

Later that morning… We are driving around Cabo, trying to find a hotel near a wave. There are no big waves here. This is the Sea of Cortez, not the Pacific Ocean. If we want Pacific Ocean waves, we are told, we should go to a place called Los Cerritos. We were just IN Los Cerritos! Finally we find a hotel and have a much needed shower and before I even get clothes on, I say out loud that I need to meditate, even if it is just for ten minutes. I have to argue to get the ten minutes, though, because hunger and lingering frustration is still surrounding us. This is a sure sign that a quick meditation is needed even more than food.

I stand up and close my eyes. My feet are slightly wider than hip width apart and my knees slightly bent, so that I have a really wide and solid base. This is a relaxing and grounding meditation. I learnt it from a Shamanic friend from New Jersey named Shane who I met in an Ashram in Bali. He taught it to me to help bring me back to my centre when I start to get negative and argumentative with people around me. As soon as I find my breath, I imagine cool, relaxing waters washing over me. They begin at my head and wash down over my body. The next round, the water enters my crown chakra where a thousand petaled lotus opens up to receive the cooling energy. The water washes down past my third eye, which also opens at the centre of my forehead. As the water washes down my throat, it passes through it like a water wheel, then down my heart where a rose opens, its vines stretching out through my chest and down my fingertips. The water washes down through the fire of my solar plexus, through the conch shell of my sacral womb and then out the roots of my base, deep into the earth. The first visualisation is slow, but as I grow accustomed to each image; lotus, third eye, water wheel, rose and vines, fire, conch shell and roots, I can see the water flowing faster and smoother. I can feel a state of deep enjoyment wash over me with each round of visualisation. Its effect is calming and reassuring. It is also immediately effective upon myself and my partner.

By the time I close my meditation, a mere 10 minutes later, the energy in the room has shifted and an unspoken feeling of forgiveness has enveloped both of us. By the time we eat we laugh about our morning. After all, the hardest parts of the journey are always the places we learn the most.

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