Day 31 – sensational simplicity

A month into this journey and I am looking back at my time, the various spaces where I have found peace and the people who have affected me along the way. I have, so far, kept most of my own story out of this project, but it has come to a point where the meditations make no sense without the story. Rather than being a separate part of my life, meditating has now become a deeply intermingled part of my life and especially my travels. I guess it would be fair to introduce my fiancé, Andrew. He is like… um… He is a bloke. He is the blokiest bloke you have ever met. He is, in his own way, possibly the most spiritually enlightened being I have ever met. He knows how to just BE. His whole life revolves around the ocean- swell, winds and anything else that can effect how perfect a wave he is going to slot himself into. Even Osho once wrote that surfing is the greatest meditation that anyone can ever do. Andrew, known by most of the world as Bevo, lives, works, owns and exists on a surf charter boat in the Mentawai islands. I have lived on it, on and off, for the past two seasons amongst him, five Indonesian crew and ten other Aussie blokes. It is paradise, when the testosterone overload is not driving me completely insane. The boat stories are for another space, though, because this bliss project may see some boat specific meditations in the future. For now, I am in Mexico.

Last night in Cabo, we went out for some drinks and food. There was probably more eating than drinking going on… by the time we ate a few tacos, creme brûlée and a late night quesadilla, we couldn’t even fit in another sip of water, let alone another Margarita or cerveca. When I woke up this morning, the last thing I felt like doing was meditating. I was still full and bloated and feeling a little ill. Especially since the late night quesadilla leftovers were somewhere in the hotel room. We got ourselves together and were soon in the rental car on our way back to Los Cerritos. Yes, that is the same spot of desert we were yelling at each other in yesterday. But it is the only place with waves, so it is the only possible place we can be! But this time we have a car! So I’m wishing I wore a sports bra as we bounce along down the dirt road in this tiny little dodge, the surfboards are jutting out next to my head and a little “Ow!” from the other side of them tells me that Andrew just knocked his head on them. ANYWAY so we finally arrive at San Pedrito Surf Hotel where the owner, also Andrew, is kind enough to clean the only available room for us so that we can haul in for the next two nights. As soon as we pay and get settled in, my Andrew is asking if we want to leave early… Because there are no waves!

Let’s walk down to the beach. It is my only answer. We tumble down the sand to the right hander that is barely breaking and stand in ankle deep water among some rocks. I stand for a moment when Andrew asks if I am meditating. Good idea! So I sit on the rock next to him and close my eyes, knowing that an idea will come to me… Outdoors meditations are pretty easy. There is always some beauty waiting to be noticed. I close my eyes and think of the elemental sensations around me. Fire from the sun, the earth of the rock beneath me, the water gentle caressing my feet and the wind softly kissing my skin. I bask in the feeling of these sensations until I naturally open my eyes to find that I am alone. I look around, notice that I am completely alone and finally decide to walk back to the room, assuming that is where he went. I can’t help but feel a little annoyed. How come meditation can’t just evaporate negative emotions? Then I realise- meditation doesn’t evaporate anything. Life still happens. The only thing that changes is me. One month ago, I might have gotten a little annoyed when I realised I was left alone, but this time I just… get over it. I find him walking up behind me on the beach and I run back down. He starts running too. Have you ever watched a dog run because he is excited? Like every dog is just stoked out of their minds to be outside and running is the best thing in the whole world? That’s how I feel running down to the water. Like, hey, you don’t have to growl at each other, you can just run around and wag your little tail and dig a hole or something! People always say, if only life was that simple. Sometimes it is. We just try to make it difficult.

Meditation is just making life simple. The sun. A rock. The water. The wind. Sensational


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