Day 32- hammock enlightenment

I am lying down in a hammock, reading a book on Spanish. This is not my first language, so this is using a lot of brain capacity. I am enjoying this book anyway. I close the book and put my hands above my head. I look up at the palms. This would be a perfect moment for hammock enlightenment. This is a term I first learned from one of my favourite yoga teachers, Eoin Finn. See

I stare up at the palms and find my breath. Deep meditation comes quickly. Suddenly, I realise I need to pee. I’ve drunk a few cuppa’s (of tea) and about a litre of water. I need to pee. Badly. I try to ignore it but it’s not possible. I get up and run to the bathroom. Have you ever spun around in circles and then tried to walk in a straight line? That’s how I feel. Dizzy, spaced out and just off the planet. I go back to hammock and lie down. Straight away I am back in deep meditation. When I am ready to come out, I take some deeper breaths, wriggle my fingers and toes then take my gaze slowly down the trunk of the palm tree. It is a grounding practice. When I sit up I know I am ready to enter the world.

My hammock enlightenment is amazing. The rest of the day I feel deeply connected to my surroundings and extremely positive. Hammock equals bliss.



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