Day 34- home meditation

After a long bus ride, we get the first hotel that we can find and go for a walk to get in the ocean. Finally, we have found some tropical water! I came to Puerto Escondido on my first trip to Mexico almost 6 years ago and I fell in love with it. I was here for three days and had the time of my life. Back then, I walked on the beach and was the ONLY person walking on the beach. I knew every other foreigner in town within 24 hours and there were probably only a handful of hotels along the beach. The roads were no more than dirt tracks and there were no tall buildings in sight. A lot changes in six years. Now, it is kind of like Bali; full of bulays, or gringos, as we would say in Mexico.

We go down to the beach for a swim and I see the unmistakable silhouette of someone meditating on the beach. Perhaps it is the legs crossed, back straight, hands on knees pose? Or the aura of peace and tranquillity about this person? Either way I feel the warm excitement of ‘hey, I do that too!

I remember a hotel further south towards the point that had little beach palapas with beds right on the sand. We walk up the beach, but it seems they have gone. Sometimes I wonder if you should ever go back to a place that is so great in your memory? Things will always change and perhaps it is better to keep the beautiful memory. Eventually we find a hotel with something similar and decide to move tomorrow. After another quick swim and a cold coconut for breakfast, we head back to the room and realise how exhausted we are. I take a moment to scroll through the iPhone and come across photos of my friends, my brothers, sisters and their kids. I start feeling a little homesick so I set up a pillow on the balcony and decide to do a home meditation. There is construction going on nearby so I pull out my iPod and go straight to the Medicine Crow tracks I used last night. Drums, grounding, earthy, root chakra, home, family…

I close my eyes and bring my breathing to centre and take a moment to mentally scroll through each of my nieces and nephews. This one is for you, I think. I focus my attention on one thing that reminds me of home. The music has the sounds of Australian birds like magpies and kookaburras playing in the background. I imagine myself meditating on my mum’s couch with the afternoon sun pouring in the window. It is probably the afternoon in Sydney as I do this. I feel the light warming my legs and I can smell chai brewing on the stove. I start to feel myself slipping, as though off to sleep, but it isn’t sleep. It is almost as if I am actually slipping between that place of meditation and this one. I don’t know if I can actually be in two places at once, but it is like I can feel that place so strongly that I can almost feel myself being pulled back there. After I close the meditation I wonder if anyone was home and imagine an image of myself appearing on the couch like a ghost. Did you see me, mum?

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