Day 46- manifestation meditation

I firmly believe that if you believe in something, you can make it happen. Every new year I write down my goals and at the end of the year, I tick the ones I have accomplished and then write a whole new list of accomplishments and gratefuls. I believe in the power of the written word. Writing down what I intend to have in the present tense always works to manifest dreams. I believe that if I visualise my car surrounded in white light that I can avoid a parking ticket. I believe that if I lie down and close my eyes and visualise my dream, meditating on each specific aspect of a goal, that I can make it happen. I did it when I wanted to become a yoga teacher, I did it when I wanted to move overseas and I am doing it now.

My goal is to be a serious (paid) writer. I have been saying this since I was old enough to read. I knew from the moment I read my first word that I wanted to always be involved in these beautiful things we call books. When I get home from a long trip away, I stand in front of my bookshelf and stare at my books, remembering the ones I have read and looking forward to the endless list of books I have not read. I often feel very sad that I am too young to have known my favourite authors. I am often even sadder when I realise that life is too short to read every book in existence. For me, reading is my first love, a meditation, my drug of choice.

We wake up early and head to La Barra. In my early morning crankiness, I speak very little until we find an OXXO shop with hot chocolate. When we get to La Barra, I set up a little spot beside a log, under the shade of Andrew’s spare surfboard. I sit and read. After some time I am sweating and need a swim. When I get back, I leave my book to the side and close my eyes. I begin with breath awareness and then slowly begin the manifestation meditation. I see myself printing the pages of my book, sending it off in a yellow envelope, the publisher’s face as she reads, the letters I receive back, signing the dotted line and finally, the finished product. I know which tea I am drinking when I read the letters. I know what time of year it is and what flowers are in bloom. I know how I dress when I meet with the publisher for the first time. I have every aspect of my dream worked out. I close the meditation and without opening my eyes, pick up my book, imagining it has my name printed on it.

Eventually I open my eyes and continue to read.

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