Day 47- dreamcatchers

Last night I had a dream that I was with my spirit sister, fellow yogini, writer, love ninja and close friend Zani. We were on a roof and wanted to do an eagle meditation. We found one online that said we needed to make a dreamcatcher. We didn’t have materials so we got a huge piece of pink chalk and went up to the roof of the building we were in and started drawing a huge dreamcatcher on the roof. We wanted it to be seen by someone- it was a message we were sending to the clouds.

What a beautiful dream. How could I not do this? It was fairly clear instructions. Eagle meditation: make a dreamcatcher and send it to the clouds. And those who know Zani would recognise this as exactly something she would do as well. Zani is like an American, blonde version of me. With more bangles. She is one of those people that floats and shimmies around the world to the rhythm of an internal drum. When I think of her, I imagine this bright pink flame energy, dancing and sparkling through the air, gently touching everyone she meets and leaving them with a little frisson.

I know I have to make the dreamcatcher big. It has to be seen by someone through/in/beyond the clouds. I wait for low tide and go down to the beach with a stick. I start drawing a huge dreamcatcher on the wet sand. People stop to watch but nobody asks me what I am doing or why. It’s like they just knew it is important. I finish the giant dreamcatcher and stand in the water staring at it for a long time. Then I look up at the clouds and ask them to please deliver this message. I trust that they know who to give it to even if I don’t.

I go for a swim and play in the water, making my time getting tumbled by waves an extension to the meditation. When I eventually get thrown back to the shore I realise the water has also taken my dreamcatcher message. Maybe there just aren’t enough clouds in the blue Mexican sky.



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