Day 50- Popocatepetl

We are on the bus to Mexico City. It is early in the morning and I am dozing off as the sun rises, trying to keep my eyes awake to watch the beautiful view. As I fall asleep, my head slips and hits the window, waking me up suddenly. I sit up and stretch, then gaze at the mountainous countryside. I am wide awake now. As the bus winds up higher into the mountains of the state of Mexico, the landscape is changing. The cactus is surrounded by luscious red and green trees, and bare mountains and farms reveal deep crevices in the earth where water has trickled downhill to the low river that runs along the side of the highway. There is no question that this will be the most meditative part of my day. Mexico is such a beautiful place. The desert, the farmland, the mountains, all hold a magical energy. The vast emptiness of the land, pure and fertile, reflects the state of my meditative mind. There is no need for lotus, for incense, for a yoga mat. Addressing the beauty of the earth, there is space for the soul to exist. This is from The Radiance Sutras, sutra number 57.

Find something so enchanting to behold,

That you are transfixed, ravished.

Allow yourself to be captivated.


Gaze upon its form

With the eyes of wonder.

Attend to the details –

This shape and texture, these colours…

How can something so beautiful possibly exist?


With a steady gaze, melt into

The field of space embracing that form,

And at once,

Be at one with the creator, who is

Looking through your eyes, loving creation.

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