Day 52- drenched in freedom

The Radiance Sutras, sutra number 23:


Forget all of your ideas about the body –

It’s this way or it’s that way.


Just be with any area of it,

This present body

As permeated with limitless space,

Drenched in freedom.


We have been conscious of our unhealthy eating habits lately and both of us are feeling like we have put on weight. I know from the sporadic bouts of emotion that I am also pre-menstrual, so a little extra water weight is certainly not helping my body relationship. Like any relationship, the one with your own body needs work. It can’t be neglected and deserves as much love in terms of healthy eating, exercise, skin care and attention as you would bestow upon any loved one. I wake up and go outside to sit in the sunshine. I have the sutra opened before me and with a dab of Meditation Balm on my temples, I close my eyes and sit with my belly. The centre of digestion, of hunger, of food, as well as the organs below, the womb, the lunar cycle. I see this space in my abdomen as permeated with limitless space, drenched in freedom; the freedom to love, to accept, to let go of conditions and expectations.

Forget all of your ideas about the body…

As Andrew always says, “If you’re hungry, eat! If you don’t eat you don’t shit, and if you don’t shit… you die!”


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