Day 53- the inner waterfall

Mexico City is 2240 metres above sea level. It is cool and dry right now. So dry, that my usually dry skin is feeling the pinch. Our noses bleed easily and each morning are filled with bloody corn-flakes. We are again at the tattoo shop. This time Andrew is doing a cover up which will take about four hours. I read for a while, but soon the day heats up. I play with the small turtles in the tattoo shop and wonder if they can help me meditate. I wish I was in a big tank of water right now, it’s so hot.

I sit back down and close my eyes. I feel water washing over me, like a waterfall of energy. It is cool and refreshing, like a long drink of fresh water. I am cooling down slowly, finding that now familiar place of bliss and peace.

The tattooist is speaking to me. He thinks I have fallen asleep from boredom. I don’t get upset, I just gently come back to the room and go stand in the sun. Though my life is restless and inconsistent, my one constant is that moment of bliss. The method, the place, the people may change but at the centre of the meditation is always that same feeling. The void, the space where my soul rests in complete contentment. I may stay there for a moment, for minutes or for half an hour but it always feels like home and it always leaves me feeling like my life is better in just the smallest way.

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