Day 57- backyard meditation

I am visiting my Tio Cesar and Tia Alma in West Covina and over dinner, Alma brings up meditation. I had not mentioned it, in fact she didn’t know anything about this bliss project so I am surprised when she is telling me about her backyard and how she loves to meditate there. I wake up late, but it is still chilly when I go outside. It is 9am and for some inexplicable reason the grass feels kind of warm. I sit down in front of a tree and close my eyes. I can hear the birds around me and I realise how long it has been since I simply sat down with my eyes closed. A different meditation every day, moving around constantly and travelling I feel so restless. Now I realise how beautiful it is to sit down and hear myself breathe. After twenty minutes I roll forward onto my head and do a headstand. When I stand up I make a weak attempt at a handstand. When I go inside I spend some time reading some meditation tips form the website. It recommends following a goal for each day of the month and today the 25th of February, my goal is: to be aware of how you adjust to changing circumstances around you.

We visit the Old Mission in San Gabriel, which is a weird mixture of Native American and Catalan Catholic history. I wonder around the gardens but feel little spirit within these walls.

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None of my circumstances really change today, except dinner plans.

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