Day 67- this year the world is changing

I practice a morning meditation using an app called Pocket Meditation Retreat, which is nice because as soon as you open the app, it plays beautiful music and has flowers flying across the screen. If you play the guided meditation, for ten or thirty minutes, the music will still continue after the voice stops speaking. It also has some instructions on spiritual living, such as:
‘Being harmless toward people, animals and nature’ and ‘Refrain from taking things not freely given. ‘

It is raining in Padang due to a massive storm cell hitting the whole west coast. I speak to Andrew and the boat is sitting in a small port called Sikakap, waiting out the storm. He says there are waves breaking out in the middle of the ocean.

Rain always makes me think of cleansing, like if I stood in the rain for long enough, it could cleanse my very soul. As I write this there are massive floods destroying parts of Australia again, and I am wondering if there isn’t some kind of grand global cleansing happening to the earth. Not that I think this is Noah-esque apocalyptic proof, but with melting ice caps, rising sea levels, tsunamis, floods, cyclones and hurricanes… water seems like a pretty effective method to cleanse humanity and reduce our rising population. Sometimes I look at the world and I am not surprised. If I were god, I would want to wash it too. Not everyone is living ‘harmless toward people, animals and nature’. I once worked in a gaming room for a year, which meant I got to watch people gamble for nine hours a day. It was the most awakening year of my life. Seeing people come back every single day. Watching people lose everything, tears in their eyes. Having to count handfuls of money while people starved to death in the world. That is a reality. We live in a world where people starve to death. Every day.

It is during my morning asana, as I take my legs wide and lay my third eye centre onto my mat that I remember that at the age of twenty-five, it has been exactly ten years since I first did yoga. Exactly one decade since my first downward-facing dog. How appropriate that on my 10th Yogic birthday, I am doing this year of meditation. The reason I chose to do the 365 days of bliss is that 2012 is a year of change. Regardless of the Age of Aquarius, or the Mayan calendar or the magnetic shift that is supposed to happen, the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that the world is changing. The human consciousness is shifting.

For the past few days I have been trawling the internet, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,, just looking. Today I find something worth looking at. The world really must be changing. We have come to a point where all this social networking can actually change the world. You can sign a petition by clicking a button, or send clean water to a village without leaving home, or read live updates about wars in another country. It feels like nothing can truly be hidden from the world, if only we have the desire to seek it. If we can change the world, we can save it. And if we can save it, then maybe the gods will stop trying to drown us.

If you haven’t heard of Kony, then please watch this video. If ever I have believed that the global consciousness is evolving, then now is the moment and here is the proof.


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