Day 74- meditating in an empty bathtub

My clothes and hair smell like stale cigarette smoke. We were out last night and I am once again grateful that Australia has now banned all smoking in clubs and pubs. I remember when I used to smell like this every single night after work! I have to wash my (new) dress in a bucket so I sit in the bathtub and wash my hair, then put a treatment in. I wash my clothes and then just sit and wait. There is no point filling the tub since there is no hot water anyway and regardless of how hot it is in Bali, nobody wants to sit in a cold tub of water. I sit in the empty tub, next to my bucket of soaking clothes and underneath my wet mop of hair and I close my eyes to pray. See day 39, the bathroom is one of the best places to meditate. For starters, it is quiet and cold, there is water and nobody is likely to bother you. I pray for serenity, I pray for strength and I pray for my shadow. It takes less and less time to go deeper. When I arrive, I am whole. I am calm. I am pure love. I am true self.

I talk to my friend, PD, who lives in Mumbai and he tells me that he believes there are 3 aspects of relationship that an individual must consider. The relationship to society, relationship to nature and the relationship to oneself. Sitting the cold empty tub, it is all unconditional love and forgiveness. For the smokers around me who made my hair smell, I forgive you. For the torrential rain that battered down on us all night, I forgive and love you. For myself, who was a slave to my shadow and drank last night, I forgive you and I love you unconditionally.

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