Day 85- hugging trees and kissing frogs

It is my last morning in the ashram so I wake up for the morning prayers at 5am. As I walk to the common area, I can feel wind on my scalp. I love that feeling. Several frogs leap out of my torch light and into the scrub. Frogs symbolise cleansing, inner beauty and opportunity through transition. I have been seeing them everywhere for the past 5 days and I have probably undergone more change in the past 5 days than the whole year! Shaving my head was certainly cleansing and I guessed comforted to know that there is a message of inner beauty as I struggle with the tennis ball fuzz that is my new hair do.

As I sit through prayers I find it hard to keep my mind still. It’s like I sucked in helium all night, it just keeps floating up and away. As I walk back to my room, I am blessed with a beautiful sunset and while trying to take a photo and walk at the same time, I stumble in a hole and twist my ankle. That would be the universe saying, “Get Grounded, Liz!” so I stop at a tree.

This grounding meditation I found a few weeks ago when I was flying to LA but all the city transits made it hard to find a good tree. When we got to the Mexican desert there was only cactus nobody wants to be hugging that! I have waited a long time to find the perfect tree for this meditation and when I look up at this tall palm tree in the dawn I know it is the right one. This tree has been helping me with handstands lately so it is already a friend. I also like picking the palm tree because a) I can get my arms around the trunk and b) the nature of the trunk draws water from leaves to roots so strongly that Indonesian people use the trunk upside down to build pillars of their homes as they suck the water from the roof down to the earth. I definitely need my energy to be pulled down to the earth so I approach the tree and kindly ask if I may have a chat. The tree answers in a booming voice… No, just kidding, trees don’t talk! (not that loopy yet) I place my hands gently on the wood and notice a rusty nail driven into it. I tell the tree what is going on in my life, any concerns or tensions. I tell it my deepest darkest secrets and worries and feel them all moving into the tree and down to the roots expanding beneath the earth under my feet. I finish talking and hug the tree.

As I sit down for a morning coffee I am blessed with a Monet sunrise. That would be nature hugging me back.



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