Day 88- make every moment sacred

Even after a ten hour sleep, I can still wake up feeling exhausted sometimes. It is frustrating. I have no motivation, no energy and I just feel low. I come into child’s pose but my knees ache. I sit cross-legged and close my eyes. I bring my hands into prayer position and on the inhale, allow them to slowly separate and expand out wide. On the inhale, they come back together. After about ten rounds of this moving meditation, my arms still feel tired so I change direction. I face the palms up, with the arms bent at ninety degrees and slowly lift them up on the inhale. At the top of the in-breath, I turn the palms to face down and exhale slowly. This flows a little easier and as my breath slows, so does the movement. After a few minutes, the breath and movement are flowing in super slow motion, moving the prana around me.

Slowly my arms come back to prayer position. I bow my forehead to my fingertips and offer an intention for my day.

Make every moment sacred.

Make every breath and every movement a meditation.

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