Day 116 – last morning at the ashram

Packing kept me up until midnight, which is just WAY past my bedtime so I drag myself out of bed at 5.30am. I just want to see the early Rishikesh morning one more time. We go up to the roof and practice healing sounds. A large monkey joins us but is oblivious to the noise and strange arm gestures we are making. He seems to be watching the sunrise, too.

Shal, Pri and I go for a final walk together sit down to meditate on a small boardwalk over the water. The wild horse that is my mind is once again at a galloping pace. I allow it some calm breaths, set some Sankalpa Shakti energy, but it is just too excited.

Pri and I go for a little JOGA and then cool down with a practice at the edge of the river but once the sun is up from behind the mountain it is too hot to stay. At the market yesterday, I got a couple of mangoes and one is ripe enough for breakfast so we eat it in silence. I go outside into the ashram garden, where the flowers are being busily ravaged by enormous bees. They especially love the white dahlias today. I slowly circle the garden, gently saying goodbye to the bright blooms, feeling the pranic flow of energy that is their own silent farewell.

I am exhausted/excited and nervous since today I am going to Uttarkashi. There we will stay one night before heading to Gangotri, which is 2000 metres above sea level. It will take 2-3 nights to acclimatise before we start the 18km trek to the source of the holy Ganges. I may actually see snow for the first time in my life!Taking a dip in the freezing cold water is supposed to cleanse one of all their sins. Lucky I have never sinned…

I doubt they have WI-FI in the chai tents along the trek so my next post may not be until I get back in a week. I will dedicate each step along the path to my dearly beloved family and friends. Know that you are in my heart, beating furiously as I struggle with altitude sickness and extreme weather.

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