Day 172 – what is the best thing that happened to you today?

A couple of years ago, working behind a bar I remember it was not the best of days. A customer approached and as I poured his beer, he asked, “What is the best thing that happened to you today?” I was a little surprised but after a moment I told him that I got a really awesome car space when I got to work. He said, “Good on you! That’s great!” I told him how wonderful it was to be asked something so simple, that making me think about that one positive thing has just turned around my day. He said that he loved to ask people that. “It was only once that someone couldn’t give me an answer. This young boy walked away to think about it, but when he came back he told me he still didn’t have an answer but that simple question just changed his whole life.”

It is through a conversation with a friend that I realise how different my thought process is now to how it was at the beginning of this journey. My automatic reaction to life is now set on the positive side and I seem to be attracting more of that around me. Speaking to my friend, I had asked her about a first date. She had a few too many wines and jagerbombs and when the guy kept talking about his ex-girlfriend, she snapped at him. Coming back from the ladies’ room, she looked across the busy bar and decided to just leave without saying a word. The poor guy waited for her and eventually sent a message to say that he enjoyed the afternoon and was sorry she had to leave early. When she told me this story, I said, “Good!” and she said “No, Liz, it isn’t good. You don’t treat people like that. Especially when he was so polite and I really did like him, I just kind of… snapped!” I saw what she meant, but my default reaction had been to say ‘Good!’ and smile about it. Seeing how guilty she was feeling, I told her that she should trust her instincts. Especially when drunk, the higher self often steps in and takes care of us. How else could we explain how we make it home some nights? After a big night partying, I once woke up with socks on. Knowing I didn’t have socks on the night before, I had to say a prayer of thanks to the self who took care of me enough to worry about my feet getting cold while I slept. I assured my friend that she left for a reason and to trust her intuition because if it led her out the door, then maybe she dodged a bullet. She agreed, saying her instincts were usually pretty spot on.

As she left I had to do a double take on my brain. Is this the same mind that once stood in the Mexican desert arguing and on the verge of tears? Is this the same mind that once suffered from chronic anxiety so persistent that she couldn’t eat? Is this the same mind that used to dwell on loss and grief and struggle to smile? In this simple exchange, I look back on 172 days of meditation, of luminous moments that have changed and shaped the person I am becoming. The road to this higher self has been long and rough. Sometimes it feels like an uphill struggle up slippery rocks, but it is these moments that I can feel the internal sun shine in my heart. I realise that if someone asked me what was the best thing that happened to me today, I would say, “Being here right now.”

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