Day 174 – give a little, get a little… give a lot, get a lot

Bright and sunny, Krystle riding her new bike to work. She veers dangerously toward the trees as we make the coastal walk from Coogee to Clovelly. I have forgotten about all the stairs and James has to carry the bike up for us. I can’t stop laughing because he is carrying a heavy bicycle under one arm, plus my backpack, Krystle’s handbag and a beer. He turns around and shouts incomprehensible Canadian babble at us. Most people think he is Irish because of his rambling accent. It is a mixture of Canadian, South African and pure man-mumble. He is one of those overly generous souls, who want to care for and look after everyone. James talks about as fast as I think so when the three of us are together, it is like this high energy, rapid movement cyclone of words and thoughts and laughter. His sick sense of humour, second only to Krystle’s makes the three of us rebound off each other and a short walk with them feels like a cross-training session; my abs hurt from laughing so much! Krystle put the bike together herself so the handlebars end up sliding around dangerously and the gears don’t seem to want to drop down. We finally get her to work and then go to the end of the cliffs at Clovelly and sit down. James and I decide to walk back to Coogee and get some sushi. I am still super tired, but you wouldn’t guess it. I am still jumping around and talking so quickly. We both stop to compliment a girl on her cool hair-do and another girl on her tights. We are saying how nice it is to give compliments and after we part ways, a stranger says to me that he likes my hot pink running shoes. I smile at the reciprocal nature of love. “You give a little, you get a little!” I write to James and he writes back, “You give a lot, you get a lot!” I can even feel him smiling through his text messages.

Walking in the beautiful sunshine, loving the sight of the bright blue ocean, I say out loud that I am jealous of myself right now. I don’t even know how that works, but it is like I am so enraptured by this moment, I hope it never ends. Well, this moment never really does end! The present has no time limit. At work, everyone expects me to be flat and low energy, so when they see me jumping and dancing about, they all look a little surprised. One of the locals asks what I am so happy about and I say, “I’m alive!” and he says, “Well it sure beats the other option!” The default thought process of this city is to answer ‘How are you?’ with “Not bad’, or ‘Getting there’ or ‘Can’t complain… no-one would listen anyway!’ I feel like people look at me strangely when I answer with ‘Amazing! Fantastic! Thank you for asking!’ Well, happy and vibrant people attract each other and infect each other and share this pulsating energy and love for life. I would like to infect the world with this brightness. Give a little love, get a little love. Give a lotta love, get a lotta love.

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