Day 176 – saluting the sun

Ok, so another post about being in my pyjamas. I won’t lie, sometimes I wake up and even before I get out of bed I am scanning through Facebook. I think the News Feed has actually replaced the television and the newspaper in terms of how I access news. I know, how shameful. Today a fellow yogi has thrown out a song form her yoga playlist, Iambic² – Going Home, so I roll out of bed and straight onto the floor where I do sun salutations until the song ends. Warrior 1 is not so easy in pyjamas. I am a little worried the flannelette will tear. It isn’t stretchy at all! But it is a beautiful way to wake up. Like showering the soul with light and love from within. The sun has been up already for a couple of hours but I feel like I have offered it my own personal greeting. Good morning sun, thanks for being here! If the sun could talk, it would definitely say the same thing back.

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