I had a dream of my yoga teacher from Rishikesh. He was yelling at me to stop. When I didn’t listen, he demanded I come back for detention on Sunday. When I refused, he gave me another Sunday, then 2 more, then 3 more! I just said, “No, I’m not going!” This would be the ego, refusing to listen. When I finish teaching yoga at 7.30am, I go for a run from Bondi to Clovelly and back. The coastal run is beautiful and has plenty of steps to make it interesting. I stop as I get back to my car and suddenly a violent cough springs up from my chest. I don’t usually get sick, but considering how busy I have been lately, I wouldn’t be surprised that I have run myself into the ground. I race to my friend’s house for a quick brekky before she teaches the next yoga class and sit down to a nice relaxing bowl of almond-soaked oats with berries and LSA mix and other various toppings. Her calm energy rubs off on me and when I leave her house I realise I am already late to meet another friend who I was having coffee with. Luckily, these meetings are only one street away and I get there in time. This friend, who the world knows as Doc, is a dream analyst and homeopath, among his other beautiful talents. I stumble in the door, iPod flying out of the handbag, scarf dragging on the ground, a whirlwind of energy, “I’m here, I’m here!” He laughs and tells me to calm down while he orders coffee. I lean back on the plush chairs and we have a chat. When I tell him about the dream, he says I am extremely lucky to be handed such a clear message like that. Not many people get instructions so clear, nor do they know what do with them. He says when the messenger in the dream is yelling, it usually means that if I don’t follow the instructions, I will end up falling quickly. I cough and he says yes, it is Vata overdrive, yes it is run down, yes I am ungrounded and yes I need to do less and let go of the guilt about doing less. I could work less, but I feel like I would be letting someone down. I could train less, but I would beat myself up about it. I could sleep more, drive around less, hang out with friends at home instead of going rock climbing or other crazy things like that. If I don’t stop, I will end up seriously sick.

When I get to work, the street behind the pub has some roadworks and I see two signs on the side of the road in red, with big white letters saying, PREPARE TO STOP. Haha, ok universe, I get the message! I am about to be stopped if I don’t do it myself. I spend the night lazing about but don’t get to bed until around midnight. But sometimes it is nice to just be awake yet relaxed. I am sick of rushing to bed, knowing I need to rest before a big day or before a long shift. Well, I don’t know if I am stopping but it does feel like I am slowing down…

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