Day 183 – the halfway day

Today is exactly halfway through the year. This year I began with the simple idea to meditate every single day and to write about my experiences. What began as a simple account of my daily meditations has turned into a deeply life shaking journey in which I have learnt more about myself than I ever would have expected. When I started out this year I didn’t realise I would be walking this road alone by now, nor did I realise how much I truly needed to. I didn’t expect to end up with short hair, nor did I think I would be so obsessed with running as a part of my daily meditation. I didn’t expect my whole yoga practice to change so dramatically from vigorous Power Vinyasa to a more subtle energy movement and flow. I surprised myself the most when I was in the airport waiting to board the plane to Mexico and quietly bought a ticket to India. I impressed myself the most when I got to the source of the Ganges after trekking 19km up to an altitude of 4000m. But really, these are just steps in a never-ending journey and I am only half of the way through the year. I am so grateful for everything that the meditation has given me, but it’s not over yet. If the first half of this year is anything to go by, then there will be more change, more evolution, more beautiful and blissful moments over the next 183 days. And I can’t wait.

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