Day 185 – the full moon brings out the strange ones

The pub is full of people, howling at the TV screens. State of Origin. The passion flies around the room and the tension builds up to the 80th minute. Just after half time, they even slow down their drinking, but it doesn’t matter. Most of them are pretty much drunk already anyway. The full moon has that effect on people. On some of us, our sleep is affected. For others, our moods. It probably has something to do with the gravitational pull. Since it can affect the tides, our bodies and minds, which are made up of mostly water, are sensitive to the full moon as well as the days around it. Emotional instability, aggressive behaviour and heightened sensitivity is present all around me and I can even feel it in myself. For no reason at all, I am feeling annoyed about everything. It is like having instant PMS. It is the first time at work that I haven’t completely enjoyed my shift. I want to just lie down and pull the blankets over my head, which is strange since I spent the whole weekend in bed and was bored out of my mind! I started the day with a meditation, so I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do. After work, I am suddenly restless and instead of going straight home to bed, I stay out with my friends watching them be drunk. It takes someone else who is waiting for a life home to finally convince me to go. When I get home, I only have four hours to get to sleep before I have to be up to teach yoga. It is like time is warped. I have no concept of the exhaustion that is slowly rising up behind my eyes. The full moon feels like it has taken us all and shaken us up in a snow globe of crazy energy. This is clear to see in the way people are dancing. When I get home, my ears are ringing. I don’t know if this full moon was particularly stronger, but maybe I was feeling a little more sensitive than usual. Either way, I am glad when I finally fall asleep, though there is no rest there. I spend the evening running around in my dreams. I will forget them when I wake up. That is another full moon effect, I guess.

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