Day 194 – the winter sunshine

The sun is probably too far away to even do anything to my skin, but at 22 degrees, I am not missing the opportunity. I practically run down to the boat ramp at Malabar, throwing my clothes off. The wind is still a little cold but it feels amazing to just soak up the Vitamin D. I have a bag of organic popcorn and a berry flavoured cider and a whole 2 hours before I have to even think about going to work. I lie down, watching a man fishing nearby and read Dickens. For a moment I feel guilty. Shouldn’t I be in front of my laptop, studying? Shouldn’t I be racing to work? Did I train enough today? No, Liz. There is no reason to feel guilty for this. I have to talk to myself with love and forgiveness and remind myself that I can actually do ANYTHING I want to do. And today, I have already trained, I am studying right now and there is no rush to be in. I have all the time in the world and all that time is the NOW. The sun is here to be worshipped and loved and it loves us right back. As the wind picks up, I get dressed and then before I leave, decide to do a short yin practice in the sun. The boat ramp becomes my yoga space and I settle right into my samadhi poses. Am I dreaming? This life is perfect. Enjoy every breath.

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