Day 197 – the many uses for sage

I have some serious anxiety today and I can’t seem to settle it. I try to do breath regulation but I can’t seem to extend my inhale to five seconds, let alone my exhale for ten. I keep chest breathing and I feel panicky. I grab at the Rescue Remedy and spray it under my tongue, trying to calm down. A regular customer comes in and takes one look at me and realises something is wrong. She is learning Reiki so she brushes my aura and tells me to smudge myself with sage. We light up the smudge stick and she waves the smoke all around me, under my feet and around my hands and head. As she gets to the back of my heart, I feel the pop and release of that bubble of nervous energy. I instantly stand straighter and my breathing slows right down. I take the smudge stick from her and saying, “Don’t judge me, I just need to do this,” I wave the smoke around and between my legs. We both crack up laughing that sometimes ya gotta smoke the monster out. Well, even your cha-cha needs a bit of a cleanse sometimes. Stagnant energy will get caught up in the most unlikely places!

When people ask me how my trip was, my answer is always “life-changing!” Those closest to me said they couldn’t believe the transformation. One of my friends said I just seemed lighter, more mature and happier when I got back. It could have been the deserts of Mexico, or the break-up in Bali, but I know deep down the real change happened in India. A girl floats in and I look up, thinking I have recognised her but then, no, the girl I am thinking of is only 18 and this woman seems much older. Eventually I approach to see if she needs help with anything and I realise it is her! It really is the girl who once told me in her school uniform that she was going to India. I am almost jumping around, I am so excited to see her. But she is calm, grounded, steady. She smiles serenely, her eyes reflecting the light like the holy Ganga itself. She may have left a girl, but she has returned a woman. She smiles and nods as I ask her a million questions but then end up cutting her off and talking excitedly. We both intend to go back at the end of the year and I tell her about a volunteer project I think she would like. I feel the grounded energy of India wafting around her. I know I have been spiralling into my airy, crazy, Vata energy of Sydney and her peaceful presence is pulling me back to the ground.

People come into the shop to ask for crystals, books, music, jewellery, psychic readings and healings and we are there as a service as well as a shop. But today, both these women came in and helped me. It’s all fun and games until someone loses the “I”. I know that I am more myself than I have ever been, but the crazy energy with which I have been running around also makes me move too fast for my own good and I end up anxious. Whether sage, or India, I know that I can always come back home within myself and find a place where everything is calm. Let the world spiral around me. Here, I am centred.

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  1. a lifetime of lessons
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 14:13:22

    It’s so hard to find that grounded energy sometimes! When you have it you feel that nothing could rattle it, but when you’re rattled you feel like nothing will ground you… I can completely relate. I am in the process of planning my first trip to India – i’d be keen to hear about the volunteer program you speak of… 🙂


    • elizabethmajor
      Jul 20, 2012 @ 07:22:42

      How exciting for you! Well I-India have a great set up in Jaipur for volunteer work and a couple of friends of mine just did a program in Ahmedabad. One of them was Ghandiji’s village. But there are many and even in Rishikesh, look up Ganga Action Parivar on facebok. They will be looking for volunteers too. Good luck and have an amazing time!


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