Day 198 – the kindness of strangers

I am standing outside Jamie’s Italian in Pitt St, Sydney and the wait for a table is one hour and forty five minutes. I’m not waiting two hours for pasta when I know how to make it with flour and eggs myself. I stand outside, waiting for my friend Gabriella. A beautiful blonde girl dressed in simple black, wearing diamante Chanel earrings is having a cigarette nearby and compliments me on my handbag. I walk over to her and tell her that I made the conscious decision to be broke for this bag, but it has received enough attention that I know it is worth the investment. We start chatting about shopping and markets and she tells me, “That’s all I do. Eat and shop.” This girl is living the dream! We talk about the waiting list for the restaurant and where to go for dinner and she suggests Felix around the corner at Ivy. I thank her and start walking/waddling (not so good in the stilettos these days) to this beautiful little European style restaurant. So many people have told me lately how stuck-up everyone in Sydney is, that they would walk over a dead body in the street. I haven’t felt any of it. This girl could have been stuck up but she wasn’t. Beautiful, fashionable and willing to help a stranger, I felt a bit awkward asking for her number so we could be friends. How is it so easy to exchange numbers with someone of the opposite sex but when it comes to meeting other girls, we hesitate? Is it a trust issue? Is there more potential for heartbreak with friends? Is it that I don’t want her to judge me? Is it just that I have short hair and she might think I am trying to pick her up? By the time I go through this pondering I am already at Felix bar, waiting for the girl who I am already friends with. Gabriella is tall, fiery, stunningly beautiful Italian with long brown hair and the wisdom to know exactly where I am at. She hits the table fiercely as she talks, her sparkling eyes open wide with emphasis. When a man from the next table leans in to listen to our conversation she turns around and says, “You really want to hear what we are saying, don’t you?” I love the passion and fire in this woman! From the stranger on the street to my girls, I have faith that people in Sydney are beautiful and kind. We may seem a little stuck up or have tempers that make us snap but at the centre of every human being is the potential for the divine and the more you live from that place, the more you attract others who reflect that shining light inside of you.

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