Day 201 – time to choose a path

So to put an end to some chapters in my life, I have taken the time away for this week to decide where I want to work. I jumped straight into work at the Clovelly Hotel and back at Embrace and now I have barely enough time to train, study, do yoga or even speak to people. As soon as I get into my car, my earphones are in and I am talking to people. As I go over some stories with friends of the past few weeks I realise I need to start writing more. I need to write more of the secrets, more of the deep emotions. I haven’t delved enough into some of that and writing online is not really the best place to explore some of those things. As I feel the flow of life carrying me through this crossroads, I consider the different career paths that I could take. Somebody sends me this link for a short YouTube video called Reel Wisdom. This may have just been the inspiration I needed today. I send one application to a writing job. My experience is only the link to this blog. My qualifications is only the degree I haven’t yet finished. They probably won’t even bother to read my application, but there is no knowing until I actually throw the energy out there and trust the universe.

One of my favourite quotes from this montage is from Star Trek:

Spock, you are fully capable of deciding your own destiny. The question you face is: which path will you choose? This is something only you can decide.


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