Day 237 to Day 244 – eight thousand words

This week I decided to take pictures in place of writing. I kept finding moments of bliss all around me that could no longer be described with words and so in the spirit of stillness and silence, I used photography to capture them. Feel free to contribute any captions that you feel would be appropriate, but most of the time when I look at these photos, all that comes into my head is; “I LOVE MY LIFE!”

Day 237 – wine tasting harbour cruise… work obligations

Day 238 – the morning rituals I can’t live without…

Day 239 – morning run

Day 240 – on the road

Day 241 – always impressed by a person who has a small collection of Buddha’s/deities in their room

Day 242 – breakfast is served: coffee and a view

Day 243 – Sydney by Monet

Day 244 – Happy Father’s Day. Let’s celebrate LIFE!

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