Day 328 – The Endless Wine List

I saw a psychic a year ago who told me that around December all my hard work would finally pay off. When I think back on it, I had even said to myself that I hadn’t done any hard work at the time! I hadn’t even thought of the 365 Days in Bliss project yet. Now that it has happened I realise she was right- only she was telling me a year in advance. Today marks the first step in the right direction of writing. I have been asked to cover the launch of a new wine on Wednesday evening and so have had to whip up a new blog. All about the bottled bliss, The Endless Wine List is born!

Along with this, I have also been invited to contribute wine reviews to It all seems to have sprung up on me today. A day of apparently little significance… A day that will forever be remembered as the birth of The Endless Wine List. Day 328. Thank you to all of the followers who watch this space for the words that have chosen to arrange themselves in such a manner as to create a story worth reading. If you enjoy my words, please check out the new blog. In my world, www stands for words, wine and wishes coming true.

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