Day 329 to Day 336 – music for meditation

Whilst it could be said that Pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses, demands that no outside stimulus disturbs the meditation, music is a common tool to help relax and focus the mind. This week I decided to use a different track for each daily meditation.

Day 329 – temple of silence

I know, I have used this one before. It is my favourite track by Deuter and naturally my first pick. It is slow and angelic, with minimal vocals. Listen to Deuter’s Temple of Silence

Day 330 – Classical Indian Flute featuring virtuoso Master V.K. Raman

There is something magical about the Indian Flute and this album, available on iTunes, has a deep, long flow that sets me right into the perfect space for meditation. Listen to Music for Deep Meditation, Classical Indian Flute.

Day 331 – Ayub Ogada

His most well known song, Kothbiro, is from the movie The Constant Gardener. The entire album is just beautiful. His vocals are soft, melodic and the mysterious words seem to be a gentle guide through the meditation. The entire albums follows a gentle tempo perfect for a more active mind. Listen to Kothbiro.

Day 332 – Sitar and Surbahar

The sound of the sitar is just intrinsically Indian and this two song album lasts just under 50 minutes and is purely instrumental. It reminds me of sitting on the banks of the holy Ganga in the heat of the day, with my feet in the icy cold water. Listen to Ustad Imrat Khan.

Day 333 – Ben Harper

Ben Harper. Nothing else needs to be said. Any album, on shuffle. My favourite songs are Walk Away, Forever and Morning Yearning. Check out BH live at Sydney Opera House.

Day 334 – Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth offers beautiful modern takes on chanting. I once overdid them in all my yoga classes and went through a few months of not listening to them at all so when I put it back on, I realise how much I have missed them! Their song, Beautiful, is my hands down, all time favourite Savasana song. Listen to Sacred Earth.

Day 335 – Donna De Lory

She is kind of like yoga-pop but oh so fun. Her album, Remixes, has some funky new versions of her original chants. My favourite song is the Mac Quayle remix of Hey Ma Durga. Listen to Donna De Lory at Bhakti Festival.

Day 336 – Youth

This new British band, Daughter, is like Sarah Blasko and Bjorn’s love child… Her voice is soothing and I can’t get enough of this song. I love the simple message about gratitude. Listen to Youth by Daughter.


If you have any further suggestions on meditation music, please share as I always need more yoga music!

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