Day 364 – the next 365 days

I was looking at the calendar, realising that I must have missed a day in transit since it was a leap year and I have somehow only come out with 365 days instead of the 366. I know that I lost a lot of hours travelling, but it is a little surreal to realise I have lost a whole day! Well, I started out by calling this blog 365 Days in Bliss, not 366 Days in Bliss. So maybe in a way, I already knew. Thinking of next year, I didn’t really want this to just end tomorrow with a final post, a final full stop. I decided to make 2013 count by learning something new every month. I had already been toying with this idea, having booked in for my motorcycle license and considering signing up for French classes. What has finally appeared as a bit of a sign, is this video on TED by Matt Cutts, Try Something New for 30 Days. The point is that you can do anything for 30 days. If I could meditate, write and blog for 365 days, then a month is nothing! So now I just have to come up with 12 ways to change my life for the better… I certainly wouldn’t be the first person to try this but it will be interesting to see how many skills I can learn in a year…

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