About 365 Days in Bliss

365 Days in Bliss 2013

This year the 365 Days in Bliss has changed slightly. Each month I will be doing something new for the whole month, blogging about the journey and updating my experience. Last year, the necessity to blog everyday was a huge commitment and when work made it difficult, I started to stress a bit. This was completely counter-productive to the purpose of the blog so this year, doing a monthly project gives me a bit more freedom to write as I go and still offer up a bit of Bliss Exploration as the journey continues…

Still with the theme of Bliss, Meditation, Yoga, Peace and Love, I am forever looking for something amazing but the more I see, the easier it is to find. The 365 Days in Bliss of 2012 was a massive year of change and self discovery through meditation. This year, I will be all about evolving and exploring and learning. Apparently doing one thing for a month can create a new habit, a new perception and even if it gets hard, it is only 30 days.

So here is to another year of BLISS…

365 Days in Bliss 2012

Thinking of 2012, I decided that I wanted to make this new year different. I decided to set myself the challenge to meditate every single day, for a minimum of 5 minutes and blog about it. There are two reasons behind this idea. The first is entirely selfish: I want to give myself a higher purpose for 2012, a reason to get up early and evolve my own yoga practice. This is an exciting part of my spiritual journey. The second reason is to share my journey. I have often had conversations with people about HOW to meditate, HOW to shut off the mind?

I was wondering just how many different techniques of meditation I actually knew and how much research I would need to do when I saw my friend and fellow yogi, Luca. He gave me a Christmas present. A book, Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison. This book is a daily guide to finding a deeper yoga practice through the eight limbs of yoga of Patanjali. If that isn’t a sign, then I don’t know what is! When the universe speaks you need to pay attention and lately I feel as though my intuition was starting to speak stronger so I knew this was just the confirmation I needed to push me along on this journey.

Obviously there are always challenges… Sometimes I don’t feel like I have time, or I don’t want to get out of bed… but so far the journey has changed everything in my life. From travel, relationship to friends, everything started to transform and continues to be an exponential evolution as I discover my true self and my highest priority becomes this one path of enlightenment.

I originally intended to try as many methods as I could get my hands on, but found that this didn’t really help my progress but kept me a little restless and all over the place so I have now developed techniques through the Himalayan methods taught by Swami Rama and am still trying out new meditations as they come my way. What I have found is that each day is full of peace, harmony and bliss. regardless of whether I spend 5 minutes or half an hour in meditation. Each day is a new and beautiful experience, even when the mind is still pulling my hair and screaming in my ear from the inside.


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