Day 5 – white light meditation

I have been doing some research into the olfactory tools for meditation, such as incense, scented candles, balms, essential oils and resins. There are many blends that can be used to increase concentration, relax the mind and help find stability and focus. This morning I use a hot coal in a heat proof dish to burn Benzoin resin from Sumatra and 100% natural Camphor resin. The benzoin is a ‘warm, releasing and calming resin. It has been known to stimulate imagination and is good for use in creative work.’ The camphor is used ‘To strengthen awareness and in maintaining concentration. Often added to morning meditation incense mixtures.’

The smell of the benzoin is earthy and pleasant. The camphor is refreshing and I can instantly feel my sinuses clearing up. My breath becomes easier and I soon find my mind still and clear. I begin to count the inhale and exhale slowly, inhaling for a count of six, exhaling for a count of twelve. As I feel my mind focusing entirely on my breath, and I allow myself to simply notice the length of inhale and exhale, without trying to control it. I steadily inhale for about four to six counts and exhale for six to twelve counts. The natural variation in breath is steady and I feel as though I am meditating from a place just above my brain, in my crown chakra. I feel as though I am in a pure white light with my awareness sitting just above a river of thoughts. I feel a sense of enjoyment and contentment and sit here in this space for close to twenty minutes before I allow myself to return to my physical space. I close the space and allow the resin to burn out. I know the charcoal will still be hot so there is no point clearing it away for a while. I get ready and go to a yoga class where I feel myself flowing through the poses with ease. The yoga class actually feels like an extension to my meditation, a moving meditation.

On a side note, I got my period last night and it suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t experienced the temporary insanity that usually occurs before it. The last 3-4 days have been entirely peaceful and harmonious- no mood swings, inexplicable hostility, anger, frustration or teariness. The things that would normally send me into emotional turmoil haven’t even affected me in the slightest. I haven’t even been craving chocolate to the usual extremity and have experienced no cramps or pains. I have no other explanation for this other than the meditation.

Incense purchased from Embrace at Miranda Westfield: