Day 213 – exhaustion taking over

All day I am stumbling around, barely able to pick up my feet. I have had over 8 hours of sleep but I can’t seem to keep my eyes open. I am broke so I don’t even have enough money for a coffee. I am excited to go to the Progressive class at Yogatime as I know the focus is handstands. When I get there, the room is full with teachers from other studios and as we set up with kapalabhati, a pranayama that should wake one up and spark an internal flame, I start to fall asleep. My head is literally lolling to the side as I drift off. This is a fairly active pranayama so struggling with sleep should not be an issue. I drag my body through the warm up. I know it only weighs 53kg but it could be a tonne right now with how heavy I feel. We get to the headstands and I can’t even lift my legs. I have my head and hands on the ground, my hips above my shoulders and my legs just want to crumble beneath me. I have not felt this level of exhaustion in a long time and I know that I need to stop if I want to make it through the next class, which I am supposed to be teaching! I stop and just let myself take it easy in a couple of stretches. Misha, my friend and fellow Yogatime┬áteacher, is calling me out, “Liz, what’s going on?” Time to take it easy. I need to just step back and return to child’s pose. Yeah sometimes yoga is knowing when to stop doing yoga! When I take stock of the past 2 days and realise that while I have slept deeply for eight hours each night, I have also run 13km from Coogee to North Bondi and back and I have also worked and taught yoga so if there was ever a moment to forgive myself for taking it easy, now is the time. Now is bed time.