Day 76- when a dragonfly lands on you…

I am lying down on the cool tiles with my eyes closed when I hear the beat of wings. Admittedly when the dragonfly lands on me, I sit up with a start, but realising it is a dragonfly, I extend my arm and it comes back for a moment to touch my fingertips. Magic.

Apparently when a dragonfly lands on you, it means that you will receive “excellent news from someone living far away from home” and are “messengers to remind us to tell the truth. They are also strongly associated with light. Illuminating those things that need to be brought into the light to chase out the shadows and the untruths.” They also symbolise moving past the limiting self-created illusions that hold us back from change and growth.

It is said that if you have dragonfly totem you tend to be emotional and passionate in early years then go on to achieve balance, mental clarity and control later in life. (I guess I am still at the emotional and passionate part of my life.) A dragonfly spends the first three years of its life in water as a nymph, eating mosquito larvae and has to go through an extremely painful metamorphoses as it skin rips apart and it breaks open out of its original form. In Japan, the dragonfly symbolises joy and new light.

Lately I heard from a friend who called me “radiant star” and another friend who told me to “keep burning bright”, so I am beginning to understand the light I feel from within is expanding as my awareness expands. We are, after all, made out of the same base atoms that stars are made of. All the elements that comprise the human body were created when a dying star exploded. Magic.